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What type of rose is this please?

Hi this is a rose in my grandmother's garden and she was very fond of it. She has since passed away and none of us have a clue what it is. I would like to prune it but am unsure if it is a climbing rose. It has roses all summer long. Lovely yellow ones. Only 1 left on it does not really do it justice as the flower is dropping off. I don't think it's a rambling rose as I watched the latest episode where monty Don explained the difference but I was wondering if anything other than a climbing rose could grow this tall? Many thanks in advance.


  • It looks very similar to my climbing rose 'Gardener's Glory', which has proved very tough and obliging in the face of all sorts of weather.
    It's the right time of year to take hardwood cuttings, so might be worth trying to get a new plant or two as back up, especially if you are considering moving it, in which case you will need to cut it back anyway.
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