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What is this houseplant?

I bought this poor, sad looking plant in the supermarket yesterday - mainly because it looked so neglected.  The label simply said "Mini Foliage Plant", not very helpful!  So I brought it home, gave it a good watering and today it has rewarded me with perking up beautifully.However, I have no idea what it is, how big it will get, etc, etc.  Does anyone know what this little gem is please?
Thank you.


  • AthelasAthelas CambridgeshirePosts: 685
    edited October 2021
    It looks great. It could be Pilea involucrata (friendship plant), perhaps Moon Valley.
  • Thank you Athelas.  I've looked it up and that is what it is.  A friendship plant - I made friends with it, so am feeling very happy!! Thanks again.
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