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Salvia cuttings

Hi, Can the salvia leaves left on a cutting be too small?  I have taken 6 cuttings and the 2 with really small leaves have shriveled and died within a few days whilst the ones with larger leaves seem to be doing well. 


  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 11,427
    I think the type of salvia might have a bearing on it, but l'm not sure. I find that even cuttings from the same variety can be hit and miss, some take and some don't. 
    What varieties were they,  and which ones were successful/unsuccessful? 
  • cmarkrcmarkr Posts: 142
    Small leaves because it was very fresh growth or because of species/cultivar? If very fresh growth, it may not have hardened off at all and will be quicker to rot so won't get an opportunity to develop roots before it dies.
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