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Non-hardy hanging basket fuchsias

JenKentJenKent Posts: 53
Going on advice previously received on this forum regarding saving my fuchsias for next year, I have removed them from the hanging baskets, trimmed and potted them into old compost.  I am glad to say that there are new shoots appearing, so I haven't killed them (yet!).  I have put the pots into a small plastic 'greenhouse' standing on some shingle, which is placed between the side of the shed and an open-work trellis.  My question is: should I take them out of the 'greenhouse' when we start getting overnight frosts and the temperature drops considerably and put them in the unheated conservatory for the rest of the winter? I don't know what sort of temperatures they can put up with, so having actually saved them for next year I don't want to lose them.  Thanks. 


  • B3B3 Posts: 27,333
    I'd put them in the conservatory. I would also take some cuttings. They root really easily.
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  • Nanny BeachNanny Beach Posts: 8,717
    Too late for this year,but I can save you time,next time. I leave mine in their hanging baskets. They go into a Frost free green house,I remove them from the basket,cut them back march,they spring into life. The baskets are then re planted Easter weekend. I would imagine my glass green house is slightly warmer than your plastic one, but in the depth of winter,it's not much higher than the outside temperature.
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