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Black spots on oleander leaves

In the Spring I purchased 2 oleanders which have bloomed beautifully this summer.I have now found small,hard ,black”pimples” on some of the leaves of one of them.Can anyone tell me what they might be and do I need to treat them,please?


  • Hard to say without a photo, but they might be scale insects, I got them on mine. See if you can remove one or two of them with a thumbnail or a gentle scrub with an old toothbrush and if you can, you can then deal with the rest the same way.
    It might be wise to wear gloves as Oleanders are toxic, but having sajd that, I had mine for years and handled them and removed dead leaves etc before I even knew about them being poisonous and I never noticed any problems.
  • Robert WestRobert West Posts: 236
    edited October 2021
    I believe they are THE most toxic plant in the world? I would definitely be a bit cautious when pruning them etc. I think I remember reading that one leaf is enough to kill a dog? 
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