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How much sun does Campanula persicifolia need?

I have two of these in large pots that urgently need dividing. Currently in a sunny spot by the house and this year didn't flower as too congested! 

So I'm going to divide them (in London and it's still sheltered and warmish) but Ive nowhere to put extra plants except borders. However because of trees both east and west only get part sun (I'm south east facing). I could put them nearish the front but one gets bits of morning sun but quite full on afternoon sun at the front but only for a few hours. The east facing one gets morning sun but not for that long. Maybe 4 hours? 

Or should I just divide them up, put them in different places and see what happens? 

I've got the same problem with geums. I love them but as sun varies so much through the year it's difficult to find a reliable sunny spot. 


  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 53,933
    All Campanulas are happy in partial to full shade, but can manage some sun if the soil is damp enough,  whereas Geums need a reliably sunny site - at least around four to five hours in summer.
    They'll cope with a little bit of shade if they have enough support from other planting, or from a physical support of some kind. If they're too shaded, they'll just lean to get more light. 
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    I live in west central Scotland - not where that photo is...
  • That's great so it looks like my campanulas can go in the borders! The geums.. well I might only have a couple to home and there are spots here and there with good sun. Thanks!
  • jo4eyesjo4eyes Posts: 2,058
    Geums also need sufficient moisture as well as good light, so not a bone dry spot. 
  • jo4eyes said:
    Geums also need sufficient moisture as well as good light, so not a bone dry spot. 
    Yes I've definitely noticed that! They don't like dry! 
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