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Ratio of sharpe sand to compost

Hello, I’m about to try out Monty’s layering of Spring bulbs in pots, using a mixture of peat free compost and sharp sand, could someone help with the ratio of sand to compost please, is approx 50g of sand to 1 litre of compost about right? 


  • I didn't see Monty planting his bulbs but normally you would use a ratio of about 3 parts soil to one part sand at least (unless someone knows different for bulbs). 
    Sometimes sharp sand can have salt deposits on it so make sure you give it a good wash beforehand and really mix it into the compost.

    I must admit though that I don't add anything to my bulb pots other than some compost and I've not had a problem. I do live in a (normally apart from last winter) dry area.  
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    I don't usually add anything either, but I don't often layer bulbs up in pots. If they needed sharper drainage, I'd use grit rather than sand, and I'd just mix a handful of that to a couple of handfuls of compost. It would only be for something like Tulips though. 
    You have to be quite careful what type of sand you get. There are many threads on the forum about it, and the misunderstandings about using the right one for planting. It has to be gritty, and not the sort of stuff that gets used for making mortar.  :)
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