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How to handle a Ginger root?

So, I managed to get a ginger root to bud in the cupboard. I've done this before, but when I transferred it to a pot of compost, it died. I know this is a terrible time of year for going into bud, but it wasn't planned and I really want to keep it going.

Have you ever gotten a Ginger root successfully from budding to a permanent home? How did you do it?

Right now there are plenty of buds, all just a bit bigger than pea-size. The root they're growing on is a good size chunk and still in good nick.


  • tui34tui34 Posts: 3,313

    I found this information.  I hope it helps.

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  • tui34 said:

    I found this information.  I hope it helps.

    I know this might come as a shock, but I do have access to search engines, and the first time around I did follow instructions I found. I don't know exactly what I did wrong, that's why I enjoy listening to other people's experiences. Maybe it's the way they word it when not writing for the web as opposed to writing to an individual. Maybe it's a piece of information that most websites, with basic instructions, don't include.

    Who knows what.

    I just know I have always learned so much more from candid conversations when the instructional websites don't work out for me.
  • I did grow a Ginger successfully but that was getting on for 30 years ago and I had the benefit of a well heated GH.
    I'm afraid I cannot remember how long it took so not much help really other than to confirm it can be done if you have the right conditions and some patience.
    Considering the number of sites available these days covering everything under the sun, @tui34 offered one in order to try and assist you   
    There's always a chance someone on here may have more recent experience  :)

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  • I have grown some ginger root this year. I bought the ginger at Tescos round about April time. Cut it up into pieces with a bud on each piece. Pushed the pieces into the soil in a pot, the root more or less just laying on the top of the soil. With the bud pointing upwards. Lots of pieces grew lovely leaves, but no flowers. Hopefully next year.  I left the pot outside in a warm but semi shady spot and it appears to be doing well. The snails seem to like it as well and I have lost a few leaves. I have also grown some turmeric root which I got from an International store. That was grown the same way as the ginger and appears to be growing well with plenty of leaves. I think I’ll mulch the plants and leave them outside and maybe, they will grow again next year. 
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