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Bird of paradise

I have a previously very healthy bird of paradise. It’s 3 years old and grown massively since I first got it. It’s been on my sunny balcony all summer and been sending one large , healthy leaf every month or so. Very recently it has started sending mis shapen leaves- one after another before the previous leaf has fully opened . Does anyone know why ? I have attached pictures .  

Thank You 


  • PlantmindedPlantminded WirralPosts: 107
    Hi @matt777495aE3juI, have you kept your plant well fed and watered over the growing season?  These are quite greedy plants and need sufficient nutrients and water to support their large leaves as they develop.  Although they like direct sun, too much can lead to dehydration and leaf malformation if the plant is unhappy.  I keep mine in the sunniest part of my house, near the patio door, where it gets filtered sun every afternoon.  I feed it once a month and mist the leaves daily, although the benefits of this are debateable!  Water your plant when the compost down to first knuckle of your index finger feels dry.  Water it thoroughly, until water runs out of the base of the pot, and leave it on a draining board to fully drain before replacing it in its decorative pot.  If you haven't repotted your plant recently, do this at the start of the growing season in spring.  In the meantime I'd suggest feed, water and mist, and not too much direct sun.  Stop feeding at the end of this month, once the new leaves have settled down, and let the compost get quite dry over the winter before watering again. I hope this helps.  Welcome to the GW forum!
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  • Thanks Plantminded for your thorough and informative reply. I have pretty much done as you suggest. I got caught out last summer not watering and feeding enough , also leaf burn through too much direct sun. This year I was more careful with the sun and definitely upped the watering and feeding . I think what has surprised me is the sudden change to leaf growth . These  3 deformed leaves all appeared in the last week week. Initially I got excited as they looked like flowers coming…….. anyway they are now in the house for the winter . I’ll slow down on the feeding as you suggest and just keep an eye. 
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