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  • ObelixxObelixx Vendée, Western FrancePosts: 26,671
    We planted new trees and shrubs last autumn at optimum planting time and with rain but I've had to water them all thru this year and still now.  One is a witch hazel that is flowering now.  The cercidiphyllum and Tibetan cherry have both lost almost all their leaves this summer but recovered after copious watering.  Trees and shrubs planted in previous autumns since our arrival here have needed watering for two to three years before they get their roots down far enough.

    Now that all the swallows and co have flown south and OH's big strimmer has been repaired he's cutting down all the grass and wildflowers we left to grow unhindered and, once we do get some decent rain, I will be converting some of it to prairie-ish planting with lots of tall Michaelmas daisies, heleniums, shasta daisies, shrubby salvias, gauras and other self supporting plants and maybe one or two grasses but nothing too Piet Oudolphy.  I want nectar and pollen for insects.

    Our ash trees are still mostly green but the walnut and poplar are turning.  By this time the ones we had in Belgium would be naked.   Loads of berries on other trees.   
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