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What shall I do with crazy paving?

I believe it´s not so common any more. But apart from tarmac the whole area what can I do with old crazy paving that is no longer (if it ever was) joined up. It is essentially sitting on a mixture of soil and clay with lots of tiny stones mixed in (which i presume are from when it was first put in many years ago and probably filled the gaps between stones).
With large gaps between the big ´paves´ that i need to try and fill in - before terrible non-flowering weeds take over again.

Additionally there are lots of weeds growing between paving stones. Would it be best to try and grow something that looks nicer between those gaps (from 4mm to 1cm wide approx)?

Looking for inspiration. And something feasible bearing in mind it´s already October and I may have missed the season to do anything.


  • Hi and welcome.

    You're likely to get different opinions on here. "It's a message board."

    To get a permanent solution can be hard to achieve and may cost a few bob.

    We have this crazy York stone patio. This is a recent photo, I'd just jet-washed it. I laid the patio in 1986.

    There's a concrete raft under it and the stones laid on it are of different thicknesses, it falls in three directions, away from the house and both left and right, so rainwater can drain out through several holes at the bottom of the two walls into the flowerbeds.

    We don't get puddles or  weeds.

    Unless you're confident enough to have a go at something like this, if the flags are loose laid, you're always going to get some weeds growing between them.
    But a membrane under them would help, but you'd have to sort out the falls and the drainage to avoid puddles.

    A photo would give  a better idea of the situation.

  • I have dog violets growing between some of my flags, they grow along the cracks, stay neat and stand being walked on and look wonderful for a week or two in the spring. Pearlwort is quite good too. It is green and flat and does spread sideways but can be cut back if you want a neater outline.
  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 12,463
    There are various plants you can grow ,a few ideas here

    Although we are into October, generally speaking it's still mild so you could still have time.
    Bear in mind that the location may also have a bearing, whether it's sunny, shady etc.
    As mentioned above, a photo would help  :)
  • B3B3 Posts: 27,324
    My front path is crazy paving. The gaps are wide in places. I just let it grow and run the mower over it when I'm cutting the grass. It sort of nerves into the 'lawn' and I'm happy with that.
    Out the back is another story. VB is an absolute PITA.. I pull out or hoe off what I can.
    I think I have pearlwort too. I like that as well whatever it is!
    In London. Keen but lazy.
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