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Hi. Can anyone help with identifying the seed on the plant? I currently have dried flower heads and it seems as if a lot of “dust” has come off. Is that the seeds? Many thanks 


  • The chances are that the dried flower heads won't have any viable seeds because they need to develop on the plant whilst it's still alive and often flowers are picked in their prime before the seeds will have formed. Achillea seed looks like smaller flat sunflower seeds and the dust you see is just parts of the flower head that are now crumbling. 
    If they had allowed to develop seed before they were cut, I think some of the hybrids are sterile, it would be quite obvious that it had seeds so I don't think your has unfortunately. 
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    Most people divide achilleas for propagating. That's the easiest way, and also ensures the plant is the same as the parent  :)
    As @thevictorianzFH0qqPW says - if the seed hasn't been developed on the live plant, it's unlikely you'll have anything viable.
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