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How To Care For My Hydrangea Cuttings

I have recently struck four semi ripe Hydrangea cuttings which I have growing in 3 inch pots on my north-facing toilet windowsill.

The roots are yet to fill the pots and with winter fast approaching I would like to know should I keep them on the windowsill over winter or should they be placed outside.


  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 53,918
    Hi @Uncle Mort - if the roots aren't filling the pots, then just keep them as they are for now. 
    You may need to move them somewhere with better light though, but avoid any excess heat or overly sunny sites. Even winter sun can be a bit too strong.

    Ideally, you'd have them in a cold frame or similar, so you may be able to do that at some point if they come on well enough. They would obviously need some gradual hardening off  though, so it would come down to your location and climate  :)
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