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Hollyhocks from Seeds?

I have  some Hollyhocks in this Garden I inherited and want some more as they are a useful Backdrop. Can I collect the Pods and use the seeds, and if yes do I just sprinkle them in the place I need them to grow?


  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 11,290
    Every day I pass a house when walking with my dog that has many hollyhocks in their (rather wild) front garden and they look lovely.
    Every year there are lots of hollyhocks in bloom.
    The border where they grow is plainly not maintained, so they're obviously self seeded where the seeds have dropped from the parent plants.
    It doesn't get much easier than that! :)

    They do have a lot of rust on them, but I think most hollyhocks do.
    Remember that they flower in their 2nd year, then set seed and die

    There's a GW guide here if you want to sow in seed trays and grow them

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