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Am I betting on weeds here?

Hello Gardeners,

While visiting Kiftsgate, I took 3 seeds from a Dierama plants. At home, I sow them and soon came something green out. What first looked promising, looks to me now like couch grass (on the left). Do you think the right one could be a Dierama?

I also took seeds from my Verbascum plant and I wonder if that is a Verbascum or just a weed?

And finally, I have a grass in the garden that looks similar to Capeochloa that I bought at Kiftsgate. However, I found 3 of this one below in the garden in different places and I can't imagine that this is a Capeochloa.
It's not like usual grass. It was much firmer from the beginning. I took a little one out that was behind the greenhouse and another one on the other side of the place where the original Capeochloa is. But I found this one just a meter far from the original.

Always grateful for all advise.
Many thanks in advance!

I my garden.


  • JennyJJennyJ Posts: 8,789
    The verbascums look like verbascums :)
    I'm not sure about the dieramas - When I grew them from seed they were more upright and formed a kind of bulb at the base. Your plants remind me of Bowles' golden grass (Milium effusium "Aureum") but the screen colour could be off.
    Doncaster, South Yorkshire. Soil type: sandy, well-drained
  • Hello @JennyJ
    Many thanks for confirming that the verbascum is what I wanted 😀 At least I have something. 
    I also think the right one is couch grass and will bin it. But looking at your description for your Dierama, it could be that the right one is a Dierama. I will keep that over the winter and let’s see. 👍
    It’s so difficult to find pictures from very young plants in the net. 

    Thank you very much 👍

    I my garden.

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