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Young Crab Apple Concern

I have a Crab Apple in it's second season that is looking very healthy with plenty of leaves. However i am concerned that it is only branching from the bottom of the tree instead of where I'd expect, at the top of the tree.
Is there anything i should be doing to persuade it to branch from the top or will it sort itself out if i just leave it?
It looks close to the laurel Bush behind it by the way but in actual fact it's at least 3 foot away with plenty of space around it.


  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 47,175
    It'll depend on variety as to the growth habit, but many cherries do that early on.
    Are you sure that's a laurel behind it? It looks like Lilac.
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  • You are sharp girl! I meant to say lilac, not laurel (I have both in my garden so should know the difference)!
     I forget the variety of Malus but it sounds like I'm just best leaving it. The Lilac was a tree but I had to cut it down as it wasn't well. But the resulting shrub flowers very well now. And the Crab Apple is to replace the Lilac as a small tree.
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