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Talkback: Autumn on the allotment

Yum, your recipe makes me feel hungry and I have been eating a half a pound of tomatoes a day for the last three weeks!


  • Lovely blog. Lovely blogger. Delicious soup. Well done, Lila!
  • Congratulations on the new blog Lila! How exciting!

    I can relate to that feeling of "having enough". It's one of those things that comes naturally when in the garden. As seasons change you realise certain things have to go and the clear out begins, only to be replaced with the new.

    I don't think I've ever seen a passata machine? I think I will have to investigate it now.

    Ryan (Ryan's Garden)
  • Must try that recipe!
    Excellent blog btw! just made our own 'tinned tomato' type recipe,using cider vinegar,water and sugar. Taste lovely but boiling vinegar does stink out the kitchen!
    Off to google Passata machines!
  • mkes me happy oits where would one find a passata machine
  • Passata sounds great --- tnx for mentioning it, and for the tomato soup recipe!
  • I run a soup kitchen once a month so think I'll try the tomato soup recipe this time it sounds great.
    Also on a different subject, can anyone tell me why some of my cosmos plants have come up 'blind'? Lots of growth but no flowers at all.
  • You can buy passata machines from Seeds of Italy (based in Harrow)they are brilliant and so easy to use. I am in the middle of making passata with the tomato glut and also use the lovely passata bottles they sell.

    Lovely blog Lila, thanks.
  • Passata sounds brilliant, but if you don't have the time, just pop the tomatoes in the freezer whole and then remove and defrost to put into receipes. I add to the bag every day.You can remove the skin when they have defrosted a little (just like blanching them really. I make lots of sauces and soups.
  • Sounds good Jan.
  • Has anyone got any idea what I can do with tomotoes that haven't ripened yet. Being new to gardening I think I may have planted them a little later than I should have. I fear they are going to go to waste given the lack of sunshine at this time of year.

    Any advice would be more than welcome.
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