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Gypsophila Pacifica not doing well

Hi all, I planted these 6 bare root Gypsophila Pacifica in a big pot in Jul. Initially they did OK, with lots of new shoots etc, but then the growth stalled, and the foliage started getting munched by slugs or snails I suspect. Could someone with experience with these let me know how I can look after them better please? If they can outgrow the slugs/snails at all...? Thanks!


  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 11,440
    Bumping up hoping someone can advise  :)
  • I bought a Gypsophila this summer because it was too pretty to resist, though not pacifica. Looked up care and it said well drained, sunny and likes alkaline soil.
    My soil is acid, so I potted mine up in a terracotta pot in gritty compost with some limestone chippings and put it on the terrace in full sun. It has needed very little watering and is still flowering happily. I will bring it into the greenhouse to over-winter here, then next year I will put the pot in among other plants in the border to enjoy the effect.
    So you probably need to check the drainage, the soil acidity and the amount of sun they get. Slugs and snails should be much less of a problem if you provide the conditions they like. A terracotta pot, if you have one is helpful because it doesn't retain water like the plastic or glazed ones, but if you use those then be sure to raise them off the ground so they can drain properly. You may need to rethink in the spring, providing they make it, as the flower heads need much more room than the leafy bits :)
  • Thanks a lot both! The pot is in a very sunny location but I think you are right @Buttercupdays the soil might be an issue, as I didn't put in anything to make it more alkaline. Think my soil is slightly acid. Will repot into a terracotta pot too. 
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