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LED Streetlights and Insects



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    I am lucky to live away from the towns and cities ...  ... in the countryside dark is DARK. It never ceases to amaze me why nobody ever seems to bring up the problem of Christmas, i.e. the houses that are adorned with tacky, or otherwise, festive lights - the cost to the planet must surely be enormous and that's just the light pollution. Furthermore, it doesn't start and end in December. The lights seem to be appearing earlier and earlier, almost as if there is a race to be first to 'switch on' and light up the street. And those who do this seem to be celebrated by the media. Why?
    I think that Christmas lights should be banned or at the very least heavily taxed. I remember when my children were little and we were travelling at night after visiting grandparents, it was fun to count how many Christmas trees we could see placed in the windows of the houses we passed. How simple life seemed then ... and that was only 35 years ago.  It would be a very different story now ... easier to count how many houses were not lit up - if you could see them from the glare. I heard, in recent years, of somebody who felt pressurised into decorating their house with Christmas lights because they were told that they were 'letting the street down'. That just about sums it up.

  • FireFire North LondonPosts: 17,116
     It never ceases to amaze me why nobody ever seems to bring up the problem of Christmas.

    They bring it up all the time. You can see our street from space.

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    We had really pretty old fashioned street lights in the village,them letters saying they were being updated to these ugly looking things, because they couldn't get spare parts anymore. I have to admit to being terrified of the dark. I'm very claustrophobic,and if I can't actually "see"where the walls are,then they are an inch from my nose,and I can't breathe. Having said that, I do wear an eye mask,but I can remove of course.when people stay here they comment on the dark,it's not pitch black,it's just that they live in towns.
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    It's certainly a fascinating report.
    I'm so sorry for your friend @garynortheast. That's hellish. It highlights the serious problems for many young men, yet again.  A great loss of someone who was clearly a very talented young man. It also puts it all in perspective.

    Can I just remind people that, while I also don't like bright lights everywhere, the recent news stories means that many of us are also at even greater risk if there are no lights anywhere, especially for those travelling late at night on their own.
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    The village where I used to live debated an increase in street lighting and decided they didn't want it.  They were quite happy using torches if they wanted to go anywhere in the dark.  It was pointed out that pedestrians with torches were seen better by drivers than folk in the shadows and half-light of street lamps. 

    It was also pointed out that burglars and ne'er do wells would have to carry a torch if the streets were dark ... this would enable them to be seen better, and spotted as they made their getaway if disturbed as they were a'burgling.  

    The only night-time robbery in that village that I'm aware of was at the Post Office ... the most brightly lit and alarmed building in the village on the well-lit village square ... it was awful, the elderly postmaster was pistol-whipped in front of his wife to make her reveal the code to the safe ... but the robbers were soon caught as they crashed their vehicle at speed into a ditch leaving the village ... they were townies and couldn't navigate the twisty rural Suffolk roads in the dark ...
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