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Trachycarpus seedlings - what to do with them over Winter

So- I grew some seeds - I now have about 7 viable plants , one with 2 leaves ...they have been in the unheated greenhouse since May/June - shall I bring them in for Winter ? I do not want to kill them ?


  • You would certainly be well advised to keep them away from the cold at this stage. If you have somewhere indoors ( preferably not above a working radiator ) and which offers a reasonable light, I'd think that would be your best bet.
    They will be somewhat slow growing from seed so perhaps be prepared to do this for the next few years.
  • @selinasally surely the seedlings have come from outdoors. Is this Tracycarpus fortunei?
    Was the parent outdoors?
    Even so give it a go.
  • I have read it will take many years to get a viable plant- but I am prepared to wait for the extra 5-7 plants ... I also think they may need to be indoors - the parent was outside  though .. but I don't think it will be hardy yet- it literally looks like a blade of grass !
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