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No flowers on Physalis

For the 5th year in a row I’ve had no flowers, and hence no lanterns, on my Physalis. It’s in a pot and there is plenty of luxuriant foliage but that’s not really why I grew it. Time to say goodbye or are there any tips on how to get it to flower ?
Many thanks in anticipation.


  • Haven't exactly grown it myself, but it was already here when we moved in. The plants were scrawny, scruffy things that ran all over the sunny border of poor, unimproved soil, but they did have lanterns! I got rid of them in the end as they were such a nuisance.
    If yours have luxuriant foliage and no flowers it suggests either too much nitrogen when they need potassium to promote flowering or that they are just having it too easy. Make life more uncomfortable for them and stop feeding or plant them out in not too fertile soil, let them run and see what happens!

  • Agree with @Buttercupdays Sounds like a bit too much TLC  ;)  Can you plant them in the ground rather than keeping them in a pot ?  They can be quite rampant once happy and settled :)
  • IvyhouseIvyhouse Posts: 106
    Thanks both. That’s chiefly the reason I keep it in the pot. When I bought it from an independent nursery, covered in flower I might add,  the owner advised potting it on as she warned that it would run wild. 
  • The lanterns are beautiful tho aren't they ?  One of those For and Against plants unfortunately :D
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