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EXTREME water meadow garden makeover



  • CrazybeeladyCrazybeelady Posts: 778
    Interesting to see the owner of the garden posted here! I forgot GW was on last night instead of today so I will look forward to catching up later.
  • TopbirdTopbird Posts: 8,336
    edited June 2023
    I'm on hols at the moment so will have to see if I can get it on i-Player. Will defo be worth watching. Such a beautiful space.
    Heaven is ... sitting in the garden with a G&T and a cat while watching the sun go down
  • SalixGoldSalixGold Posts: 450
    I thought it was breath-taking, Andre. The most genuinely inspiring thing I have seen on GW for ages. There is such a high level of plantsmanship too - mad, amazing choices; so much I had never heard of.

    In the segment you said "who will buy this house"?  I wondered if an organisation like Perennial might be interested in maintaining the water garden. Or they might have advice on how to create a legacy.

  • SalixGoldSalixGold Posts: 450
    well done that man @water_meadow_gardening
  • CeresCeres Posts: 2,691
    So beautiful.
  • PerkiPerki Posts: 2,492
    Its beautiful @water_meadow_gardening , I do remember reading the entire thread on the other forum on your journey building the garden . I haven't watched GW yet but look forward to. 
  • SalixGoldSalixGold Posts: 450
    Great to see a full feature on the water garden in this month's Garden's Illustrated. Beautiful pictures. Good to see it getting the coverage it deserves.
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