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Hi all.

We have a Poinsettia which is just over 3 years old and is almost 4ft tall with a spread that is almost as wide. Each year we get a few red leaves and it always flowers. 

We've tried to find online any that are similar in size and age, but to no avail. Everyone we know has tried to keep them going after the flowers have gone red but nobody we know has had any luck. 

We're hoping we have a very rare one! Has anyone else had such luck? 

Many thanks, 



  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 11,426
    Welcome to the forum :)
    It is possible to keep poinsettias going from one year to the next, the longest l've managed was to the following Easter and that was a struggle .
    I know that to get the red bracts the following year they need something along the lines of 12 hours of darkness to trigger them. Have you been doing that or has it just produced some red bracts without the extra hours of darkness? 
  • didywdidyw Posts: 2,911
    Welcome @Scottrhill1971.  So many people try and keep their poinsettias going and never succeeding so - wow!  It would be great to see a picture of yours. I believe they grow them as hedges in Mexico. 
  • Hi Annie and Didyw! 

    I've been looking through the forums and it's fascinating! 
    We've never put it in the dark, the red bracts have seemed to come on without any enforced darkness. It is fed standard houseplant feed about once a month, and re-potted if we think it's looking a little unhappy. I'll put a couple of pictures up. It's just reaching the point when the leaves are turning red. Plus you can see new leaves and it continues to grow and grow! 
  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 11,426
    Wow, that is some poinsettia !
     Maybe the shortening days are triggering it (assuming you live in the UK). Looking forward to seeing it nearer to the festive season ☃️.
  • didywdidyw Posts: 2,911
    Flipped it so we could see your poinsettia in all its glory!

  • Thanks didyw! That's much better! 

    Yes Anni, we're in sunny Coventry! 
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