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I have 2 Datura plants in my greenhouse which have flowered really well.  But many leaves are covered in a dark brown sticky  sooty substance which is covering my chair and table.  Does anyone have any idea what it could be


  • If you can post a photo which shows the problem area clearly, I think that may help others to advise :)
  • Nanny BeachNanny Beach Posts: 8,714
    edited October 2021
    Likely scale insect, drive me mad. Have a look
     They are really small brown insects. We get them on the citrus and orchids.we are in the SE UK . It's sooty mould,have a look along the leaf sections
     They are very small. I pick them off the citrus and orchids,I know you cannot do that with datura. Do you actually mean Brugsmansias? They all go outside as long as possible in the garden,which works to a degree,as soon as frosts have passed,they have just gone into the green house. Try spraying with neem oil. Instructions on bottle. We tried washing up liquid that didn't work.our calamondins and mandarin wouldn't survive in the green house,they have to come into the conservatory,which is also our dining room,and they make such a mess. Chairs are re upholstered in plastic, plastic table cloths on the table.which is where they have to sit, I have 2 dogs one male,and if he spots a tree!!!
  • Thank you.  They are datura, the brugmansia seem to be ok.  I'll have a closer look and put a photo on.
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