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my raspberry plants are fruiting well this autumn but the plants look quite yellow.
what would a good feed for them and when would be the best time to apply it.
I usually have blood fish and bone if that is suitable…..


  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 10,933
    I think most raspberries start to look a bit tatty at this time of year.
    Some of the leaves on mine (Joan J) are yellowing and looking tatty despite sill producing plenty of berries and once the berries stop coming all the canes are cut back to the ground ready for fresh new ones in the Spring - assuming they are Autumn fruiting varieties.
    I feed mine just blood, fish and bone around early March so they're ready for the coming season then just water during dry periods

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  • As Pete says they have done their job and are now fading. Just continue to pick the fruit. I leave my plants until February to cut back, and at that time give them a mulch of manure ready to feed them for the growing season.
  • Thanks Pete.8
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