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New lawn

Good evening. Recently had a new lawn laid. Within the last 2 weeks. How often should I be watering it please? And also should I cut it before winter or leave it until spring? Thanks. 


  • JoeXJoeX Posts: 1,783
    Hi AJ,

    I think the people at have great advice which I have followed to reclaim my long suffering lawn, and their advice which I would agree with is:


    When complete thoroughly water the lawn and keep watered every day for the first two weeks. It needs 5 to10 minutes with the sprinkler in any one spot. Then, depending on the weather watering can be reduced to 2 to 4 times a week for a further three weeks with a duration of about 15 minutes in any one place. Once you get into the sixth week you can water weekly until the end of the third month. However, should the weather become very dry increase the watering again as the turf will not have deep roots until at least month six.

    The success or challenges of your new lawn will largely depend on the preparation perforce it was laid and the environment it has been laid in, so good luck 🤞 

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    At this time of year, it won't need many weeks of regular watering unless you're in a very dry part of the country.
    Autumn /winter weather will be enough for it soon. In wetter, cooler areas it would need very little watering just now  :)

    The cutting depends on the height of the grass and how well established it is. Again - that will depend on where you are and the temperatures. It may need a few light cuts, or it may only need one. In any case, only take a tiny amount off - normally about a third of the height at most, each time.   :)
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