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Sarracenia - Wicked Plants

ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,139
I've seen these plants at Chelsea over the years but never seen them on sale near me.  Imagine my joy to find a whole stand of them at a fête I was at this weekend.  Loads of variety of colour and very taken with the creamy forms with darker veining.

However, they were 25€ a pot and I had no cash left so I searched online for seeds to buy.

These people have been very helpful with advice on hardiness and planting so I wanted to give them a heads-up in case anyone else is considering buying plants or growing from seed. 
Vendée - 20kms from Atlantic coast.
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  • Hope you have great success with the seeds.
    We have never done seeds always buying plants and/or dividing what we have.
    We have been growing carnivorous plants now for well over 35 years and find them a great plant to have.
    We do put them outside in the "summer" and back inside later.
    However we have a Cobra Lily, Darlingtonis california, that we planted in our bog garden in 2010. It survived the -17 degrees we had that winter and has continued to develop thorughout the area. Brilliant.
    Our Sarracenia rubra didn't like being outdoors at all and we managed to save one trumpet which then became a bigger plant.
    We have passed on many divisions to friends in our village/garden club especially when they have been complaining about flies.
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