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Fatsia not happy indoors or outdoors

Hi all, I bought this Fatsia in Apr this year as a houseplant. It seemed to be happy for a few months but in Aug I noticed suspected spider mites. The air circulation indoors was not great so I wiped the leaves, repotted to a bigger pot, and moved it outdoors to a shady but well-ventilated area.

Now it doesn't seem to be happy again, with leaves a bit curly and discoloured, and some with holes. I also noticed some black ants on one of the young leaves (middle of the second photo). 

Does anyone know why it is like this please? And any method to help it?



  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 54,754
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    It needs to be in the ground  :)
    You can cut back all the dodgy foliage - the newer stuff is fine, and it will also grow more.
    Terracotta isn't such a good type of pot as it absorbs moisture, and your plant won't have enough to support all the top growth it has. It won't be getting enough nutrients either. If they're going to be in a container, it needs to be big enough for it to thrive, and it needs to have a soil based growing medium and plenty of water, especially in dry spells.
    They're actually very tough plants [the plain green ones anyway] and can survive almost any weather, including quite severe frosts, and snow. Heavier snow can break stems so it's a good idea to brush it off if it's more than a couple of inches.

    An open sunny site isn't so good - a nice semi shaded one [ or even full shade] and sheltered a bit from strong winds is ideal. They don't need much apart from that. They can look a bit rough after winter, but they respond extremely well to cutting back  :)
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    Agree.  It's a plant that needs to be outdoors and in the ground to do well.  It can cope with full sun if it has good soil and adequate moisture.

    If it has to be in a pot, make sure it's plastic or ceramic and not terracotta.

    This link may help you - 
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  • Thanks both! Will plant it in the ground then and hope that can make it happy  :)
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