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Hello - I’ve noticed some new roots growing out of my orchid which look wet / a bit white, could someone tell me if these are rotten? Should I throw away? Thanks! 


  • No. That's the normal colour of orchids' roots. They look fine to me. Maybe repot to a larger pot.
  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 34,586
    perfectly normal. I'd just leave them alone. 
    The roots can photosynthesise when exposed to light, they don't need to be "buried". 
    In nature they hang from trees etc. 
  • In my garden in summer and now they are in hanging baskets under the trees in the shade, perfectly normal silver roots.
  • Thank you everyone! That’s very reassuring to know it’s normal :) I’ll transfer to a bigger pot as advised! 
  • I don't repot mine. I do renew the special barky compost,they don't go up a pot size because I have about 30 and they are in particular colour pots depending on where they are. Cut off the brown stems you have there right down to level with the leaves. To persuade one to re flower,put it in a cooler, darker place for about 6 weeks

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