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Greengages - any good?

I was going to make a crumble with some leftover greengages… they are yellow or almost yellow inside and don’t taste yummy like they did a week ago when they were picked. I’ve got rid of any obviously bad ones… are these any good now or should I scrap and make apple crumble instead? Don’t want any upset stomachs! Thanks!


  • How lucky you are to have such a great harvest. Ours was a handful.
    I cannot see any reason for not using them.
    If in doubt then yes make a gage crumble instead so that you are cooking them but to me they look good.
  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 11,143
    They look alright to me.
    If they're not mushy they should be fine.
    But if you're not keen on the taste of them there's not much point in making a crumble from them.
    If find that overripe raspberries loose much of their flavour so leave them for the birds

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  • Put some cooking apples with them for the crumble plum and apple crumble is lovely, the same can be said about plum and apple jam. We use all sorts of fruit in crumble like apple and loganberries, raspberries all with apples just mix and match.
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