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Please can anyone help me with a problem?
I have 3 hydrangeas, 2 in pots and one in the ground. They are all growing well and have all flowered but they all have the same rusty pink flowers! Last year one in a pot was a distict red and the other was a cerise colour. The one in the ground was originally pink. Why are they all such a disappointing muddy pink and how can i revitalise them to their original vibrant co;ours please?


  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 52,070
    That's how many of them look at this time of year. The flowers can go through several colour changes depending on variety and conditions.

    Your soil will also dictate the colouring of the planted one. 
    There are apparently, additives you can use to maintain or alter colour, but the reality is that the soil dictates. Pinks for alkaline soil, and blue for acid. If you have neutral soil, both will pretty much stay the same, but you can get minor changes too. 
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