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Jade Plant Over Watered

Hi would any one know what is wrong with my jade plant?
I over watered it last year acidently and it has been like this ever since.I have been very careful not to over water again.However I dont think it has recovered and dont think its dead as there are new leaves growing.However not I am sure what to do?Any help would be appreciated.


  • I find they usually do much better when somewhat pot bound.
    The biggest trunk looks OK but you do appear to have one dead - RH side on your first photo.
    Take off all the obviously dead leaves and tip it out so that you can check the root ball and repot and water.  If the tips of the decent trunk are decaying, cut down to a fresh leaf.
    You can propagate quite easily to be on the safe side - a leaf or live stem.
  • Thank you for your reply would you say the leaves are dead? If so is it better to remove them?Last year quite a few were easy to take off though the remaining ones seem firm.
  • If the leaves are dry and brown and either drop or come away easily, they are dead and won't be needed.  Hard to tell from the pic but I can see some leaves which are still green and plump and obviously still alive.
    Clean up, check the rootball and go on from there.  The main plant is alive - just a bit sad so you shouldn't have too much of a problem to get a nice healthy looking plant before too long :)  
  • Thank you though I did re pot it last year and the leaves have just shrivled and remained the same since.Not sure why. 
  • If you keep it in a CH room year round, the atmosphere could be a bit dry?  Or you have it by a radiator ?
    Mine spend most of the summer outside in a shady spot and then indoors over winter.
    Afraid can't offer any further advice so best of luck with yours :)
  • wild edgeswild edges Posts: 9,028 said:
    Thank you though I did re pot it last year. 
    What soil mix did you use? Plastic pots aren't the end of the world for these as long as the soil is right and you don't water too much but you might be better off with a clay pot.
    If the leaves aren't recovering then it's a good sign that there is a problem with the roots. I've had succulents that started to rot and have recovered but unless I changed the soil they never seem to thrive. I assume this is either a problem with the soil or the fungus is still attacking the roots so without fresh soil the plant probably can't shake it off.

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  • Thank you Philippasmith2 for your advice its appreciated. I keep them on near to a window in the light and did not have any problems until last year. I think what Wild Edges suggested about the roots not recovering maybe the cause. Thanks again.
  • Thanks Wild Edges for your advice its appreciated. I used a cactus/succulent soil mix though I did think that it was not helping. Also I think what you suggested about the roots not recovering maybe the cause aswell. I will get some new soil, re pot and see how it goes.Hopefully it will be all right. Thanks again.
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