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what is this pest and how do I deal with it?

My euonymous hedge has for the last two or three years been eaten as in the photo, and the damage this year has spread to nearby roses and privet.  I did spray once with some sort of bugclear spray, but evidently this wasnt enough   Can anyone identify what the pest might be by the bites in the leaves, and what could I possibly do to minimise the problem?  Thank you


  • Adult vine weevils have been eating the leaves. Unsightly, but the grubs for more damage as they eat the roots. 
    I’ve found the nematodes effective if applied according to the instructions. 

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  • Agree with @Dovefromabove - the notches are unsightly but it is usually the grubs burrowing into the roots which cause the most serious damage.  Usually it is pot grown plants which suffer from the grubs and a good layer of sharp grit makes it more difficult for the adults to lay their eggs.
  • Thank you both.  Oh dear!
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    You may find if you cut them back it'll improve things - for a while at least. However, once you have them - it can be difficult to get rid of them.
    I'm afraid I find the nematodes a bit useless because of the timing, so I have to resort to the chemical solution.  :/
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