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Rose bush roots coming through lawn


We knocked down our wooden Gazebo, it must have been there years and years with a huge rose bush/tree covering it. I think maybe it's a wild rose. We dug out the rose from the roots, a big hefty root , so we thought that was the end of it.

But now popping up literally everywhere is new growth, it's like a virus spreading all over the place erupting through the lawn.

I'm not sure what to do, it's like we have unleashed a monster. 

Any advice please?  I really want to defeat it. I'm not sure where they are all coming from. or if I got some chemical killer where I would place it. 



  • Can you add some pictures so we can see the extent of the issue?
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  • I recently "removed" a dog rose with as much roots as I could but I keep getting new shoots here and there. I dig them out and take as much roots as I can around a new shoot and keep going. Eventually I suppose nothing will be left there. 
  • Can you add some pictures so we can see the extent of the issue?
    I should have taken some, as it was such a nice day I spent most if it pulling the ones out I could see. Ripping up the lawn in the process but will have to repair.

    I guess I'm worried they will just keep coming back.  Is there anything I can out down that will kill the plant?

  • Just keep mowing the lawn regularly. They’ll give up eventually. If your patience runs out a dab or two of Round-up gel will help to discourage it and beat it into submission while not damaging the lawn. 

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