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I bought reduced peony roots last August and potted them. Unfortunately they seem to be getting confused of the time of year and now growing shoots as if it’s early Spring. Will they survive this year’s Winter? 


  • Perfectly normal.  It's still very warm.  This growth spurt will help them develop stronger roots.  Are you planning on planting them in the ground before Winter?  I would do so.  Although they are hardy, it will stress them more to be kept in pots over Winter, especially if there is a prolonged dry and windy spell, and the pots become too dry.
  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 54,844
    They'll be fine.  :)
    I'd do the opposite though - our ground is in single figures most of the time just now, so it could be more awkward planting out, despite their hardiness. It depends on your location and conditions though - in many areas they would be fine planted out    :)
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