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My cactus is turning black and pale


I inherited a cactus that's over 25 years old from my deceased mother and I am watering it lightly once a week. Today I noticed discoloration on various parts of the plant. Can anyone please provide some insight into what's wrong with the plant and how to save it?



  • B3B3 Posts: 27,316
    I'm no expert but any time I killed a cactus, it was over- watering.
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  • I can see one point at the base which looks as if it is beginning to rot but the pic is not that clear.  It looks as if the stem at the right rear may be OK ?
    Unless the pic was taken at night, it does look to be in a rather dark corner which won't help. Can't see the pot or tell what the growing medium is.
    It shouldn't require a weekly watering either so as @B3 says, that could be the problem.
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