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Olive tree help

I've got a couple of big olive trees I've had in pots for a few years now, I've recently moved them somewhere a bit sunnier. They leaves on both look a bit dry.. although one has new growth sprouting up from the soil.

I'm kind of worried that they're very pot bound and dying off, should I re-pot them in a bigger pot or plant in the ground? Or is it too late in the year for that now?

Should I prune the new growth coming out the soil to give the tree a better chance ? Hopefully I've not left it too late to save them :( 


  • JennyJJennyJ Posts: 8,816
    The pots do look very small for the size of the trees. If your climate is suitable for leaving them out in the open all year then I would think planting in the ground would be best. Failing that, bigger pots with soil-based compost (JI No. 3 or similar).
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  • cmarkrcmarkr Posts: 142
    Now is a good time to put them in the ground while the ground is still warm for some roots to grow. You'll want free draining soil though, they won't like wet feet through winter. I suspect you'll need to break those pots to get them out due to the shape, unless you're confident sawing through the root ball (around the edge) in situ.
  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 52,070
    They also need watered when in pots. Any plant, regardless of type and requirements, needs regular watering in dry spells. They don't have access to moisture deep in the ground in the same way as a planted specimen does. 
    Removing all the weeds in the pot and adding a mulch after it's been properly watered, will also help.  :)
    You can re pot or plant just now without any problem. 
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  • cmarkrcmarkr Posts: 142
    Oh, and yes, remove the suckers/low branches otherwise you'll lose the standard form and it will just become a bush. I don't think it looks so unhealthy that it is desperate for every last leaf.
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