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Pruning an indoor Yucca

Hi All
I'm a complete novice so be gentle :)
Am I ok to cut back my Yucca (see pic), or am I likely to kill it? I'd hate to lose it, it's older than my kids!
If I can cut back, any advice would be really appreciated.

Not sure how to get this pic the right way up!


  • Have you considered re potting in a more suitable pot ?  Hard to tell from the pic but is it just in a ceramic pot ?  Drainage ?  Soil/compost type ? 
    It's obviously had one trunk cut down at some point but it is also suffering from uneven light levels - hence the bend in the trunk. If keeping in that position, needs turning regularly. I'm as guilty as you on that score as 2 of mine have leaned ( much larger and leafier than yours and has taken several days in the GH to straighten them up ).  In other words, do as I say, not as I do  ;)  
    Looks as if you have outside space so do you ever put him out over the summer at all ?
    I'd suggest you tip him out carefully and look at the root ball - congested, rotting, wet, dry ?  
    A suitable size pot for the rootball ( allow a couple of inches of soil bottom and sides for now ).  This may entail a re pot next year if he picks up but better that than surrounding it with claggy compost ( think wearing damp,baggy clothes in cold weather ).
    A decent potting medium would be JI 2 or 3 with a bit of MPC if you think necessary.  A topping of white grit or gravel will also help retain moisture and help the light reflection.
    I also find that they prefer the soil to be on the dry side.
    Sorry if all the above sounds a bit negative but it may be worth trying before you cut down and start all over again.  Whichever way you choose, you will still want to know the best way to keep it healthy and growing well.
    Good luck :)   
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