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Climbing rose concern

I have a beautiful Rose 'Spanish Beauty' which i moved last winter following previous advise from didnt flower this year,fingers crossed for next years flowers.Ir was a gift about 4yrs ago.i noticed a long pale green stem growing  from crown area .is it a sucker to be removed,?also apart from mulch for winter should i be pruninig it?


  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 79,376
    If I remember correctly Spanish Beauty is another name for Mme Grégoire Stachelin … a gorgeous climber. 

    That looks like a healthy new cane to me, which indicates that your rose is happy in its new home and 
    you should have blooms next year. 

    However @Marlorena and @Nollie are real rise specialists and will be able to advise you further. 
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  • Dovefromabove Thank you for that.Gives me confidence.i am excited for next year,not that i am wishing my life away,but to see the beautiful blooms of this rose again. You are right it is Mme Gregoire Stachelin. a friend asked me about  
    4yrs ago if i would like it as they were clearing the garden of their new home and grassing it over. i had doubts as i only have a smaller town garden,but succumbed thankfully.To find out exactly what i had gained and the fact it is a rare rose, when asking about it on this site. I just want to do everything right for this beauty.The main stem has grown along the trellis with new growth developed along the . would you suggest i prune the length or just let it continue growing along and over  a seat i have close to it
  • MarlorenaMarlorena East AngliaPosts: 6,795
    No it's not a sucker, Dovefromabove is correct..

    Without seeing a photo of the whole plant, I've no idea how much you're dealing with, but if it was mine I wouldn't prune it at this stage unless it was to shorten any long shoots if getting in the way of something... if you prune now you will be cutting off next years blooms, and you wouldn't want to be doing that..  

    It's not that rare a rose, but it's capable of considerable size, and they get better with age and growth, so if you can, just leave it and tie in as it grows...   prune whatever you need to immediately after flowering - mid summer time next year..  it only blooms once.. try growing it with blue Irises as they should flower at the same time..
  • Perfect, Thank you so much.Strange you should mention Blue Iris' as i have just received some and deliberating where to plant them. My initial plan for them was skewed. Now after having a clean up and your comment,I know exactly where to put them.I will not prune as the main stem it is only 4ft long approx with some side shoots.I will take a photo tomorrow,so you understand where i coming from. Once again, Thank you
  • is a video showing how the rose is growing. I hope you can make it out. Sorry i have attached the wrong photo and having problems removing it
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