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My cistus didn't flower this year, I assume it's because it was a new young plant, however the leaves feel a little crisp, they're lovely and green just feel crisp, is this normal? Would appreciate any advice.  Thank you.


  • RedwingRedwing Posts: 1,502
    It's possible that the very cold spell we had last April could have frosted the flower buds. 
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  • Hi - when I planted out my cistus, I also got no flowers the first year. The advice I received on here was that I had over-fed it by putting slow-release fertiliser in the planting hole. They like quite barren conditions! So since then, I have not fed or watered it at all, and it has flowered like mad. It could also just be because it is young, of course.

    The leaves are quite `crunchy` and stiff, not soft and pliable, so, without seeing a picture, I would guess it is fine  - as long as it is in a sunny well-drained spot!
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