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Quick fig question

B3B3 Posts: 26,432
I have been away for a couple of weeks. My container brown turkey fig has all  yellow leaves.
Has the weather been cold enough in London to cause this?
If not, I suppose it was lack of water. I'm not concerned about it dying - just curious.
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  • Mine has done the same...must have been the lower evening temperatures. 
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  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,237
    Time of year, they turn yellow and drop off. Dry at the roots makes them do it earlier.   I can't kill mine and I've tried really hard.
  • B3B3 Posts: 26,432
    Thanks @amancalledgeorge and @fidgetbones.
    I'm going to have to cut it back and root prune next year. I'm not looking forward to it!
    In London. Keen but lazy.
  • AndymanAndyman Posts: 39
    edited September 2021
    I grow three Brown Turkey plants in the gravel against the south facing brick wall of my house in North East England. I've had an exceptionally good harvest this year and the figs are still coming. So far the leaves haven't started to turn yellow but I'm expecting them to do so very soon when the nights get colder.
    I started with one plant about 10 years ago and propagated it by layering to get the other two plants. I found that the newer plants were producing the most figs, but then I hard pruned the original plant last winter and it produced new stems which have yielded lots of fruit since the beginning of August.
    I have never ever watered or fed my fig plants.
    Interestingly, I gave one of my layered plants to my brother about three years ago and he planted it in a sunny position in his garden border, but all that it has produced is lots of green growth and no fruit. I did warn him that his garden soil was too rich.      
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