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Rambling Rose

Hello. Planted as bare root last Nov, my rambling rose has done ok this summer putting on some decent growth with a few flowers. Growing up an apple tree along with a clematis (gp. 2 I think) and a honeysuckle, it’s a bit congested /tangled but they all seemed happy enough. Firstly I don’t know if the rose should be pruned or just left? Second, is there too much competition and I should move something (though not the rose)? Thanks.


  • MarlorenaMarlorena Posts: 7,886
    It's difficult to advise on something like this without seeing a picture of what you're working with, e.g. we have no idea of the size of the apple tree.
    For me, it sounds all too much, I couldn't cope with all that, and I'm not sure the tree will be too happy about it either, so I would have to remove the honeysuckle and clematis... as for growing a rambler through a tree, the usual idea is to let it get on with it, with minimal interference, - otherwise what's the point?..  but once in a while I would be wanting to cut the whole thing down to the ground and start again.. 
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  • If in doubt, PRUNE. Rambling roses will get out of control very quickly and respond well to pruning. If it helps, I have a honeysuckle growing with a rose and it just doesn't flower much any more. The rose dominates. Ideally I would move the honeysuckle but it's a real tangle that I haven't faced up to yet.
    Clematis can be left (if it's one that grows from ground level each year) but you'll need to prune and remove the dead and top growth early spring, which might be tricky job with the rose in the way.
  • MarlorenaMarlorena Posts: 7,886
    I'm sorry but, if in doubt - don't prune.. but research first..

    You do need to know what you're doing with rambling roses otherwise you could prune at the wrong time..  
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  • I've never had any issues with pruning rambling roses at all times of the year, they are very strong and forgiving plants. What problems have you had?
  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,149
    It depends on variety.

    If you prune a once-flowering rambling rose at the wrong time you lose flowers for a whole season.

    If you prune a repeat-flowering rambling rose at the wrong time you will lose the main flush of flowers.  If you don't prune them after the fist flush to remove spent flowers you will have reduced repeat flowering.

    As @Marlorena says we need a photo and info on varieties.
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