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Minature Plug media used

During the spring I purchased a few packs of the minature sized plugs of various plants.

I want to use these to start seeding some plants, transplanting to trays of 20 ready for planting out next spring.

What media would had been used originally from the nursery to garden center.


  • I've re-used some of mine and just used multi-purpose compost, which worked fine. Seedlings don't need high levels of nutrients and you will be potting them on as soon as they are large enough. They do dry out fast though, especially as the plantlets grow, so it helps to have a tray where you can submerge them or leave them to soak. I use an old cat litter tray :)
  • When I saw the title Media, assumed this was internet related,! If I have it,John Innes no: 2 seed compost, otherwise it's good old peat free multi purpose,only problems o find with it,is watering,it tends to float,so you've got to water before sowing the seeds,then from underneath
  • If you mean those really small ones, where each module is only about 1cm x 1cm x 2cm, then you'll need to sieve the compost or the lumps will block the modules (been there.)  I think the commercial growers use these on self-watering mats with misting systems and add liquid fertilizers after germination as there isn't going to be much nutrient in such a small volume of growing medium, so when re-using them at home (mainly petunias in my case), I've always transferred them to larger modules as soon as they are large enough to handle.  Trying to sow one tiny seed per module is, erm, trying, though! :D
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