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How To Care And Grow Red Palm / Lipstick Palm Tree?

kengcckengcc Posts: 8
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I have 2 red palm trees for 6 years already, they don't seem to grow well but the small trees beside them grow a lot. Can someone advice how to care and grow them into final state of 4-6 tall red palms each?
1. What's the right way to cut/prune to the final state?
2. Do I need to prune the small trees (suckers?) beside them?
3. Is putting small white stones around the tree harmful to the tree's growth?


  • Hi there, these palms are not hardy in the UK, so I assume, by the architecture of the neighbouring properties, that you are based in a warmer climate and can grow these rare palms successfully - they are stunning, I must say!  (I spent time growing up in the tropics and love all palms!)  They are native to swampy, wet areas such as riverbanks and tidal areas. They are therefore moisture loving and require constant watering - this could explain your slow growth.  The pebbles surrounding your plants are fine as they will keep most competitor plants away - you could tidy away the grass that has got through!  The small trees beside the main trees are offsets of the same tree, that's how they grow.  You could remove these without harming the plant if you prefer a clear stem look, and then grow the offsets on.  Try a search for Cyrtostachys renda for more information.  This link may help: Lipstick Palm: Care & Growing Guide (  Good luck!
    Wirral. Sandy, free draining soil.

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