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Hello :)

We're planning on doing some work sprucing up our new build garden. All centred around our want to purchase a hot tub (hard shell, not inflatable).

I wanted to get any opinions, suggestions etc. Any comments welcome!

I've attached both a picture of our garden and also the to scale plans that I made.

The yellow filled areas are going to be stones. I'm going to dig that out myself, lay a membrane and fill with stones, unsure of colour yet.

Bottom left is where the hot tub will sit. I'm going to dig that out myself, lay type 1 hardcore, compact it, put sand down, a membrane and then place a specialised hot tub pad to support the weight.

The bit above the tub, we're planning for a dark grey porcelain patio. Steps will go down onto this from the tub.

We are considering changing the current steps to porcelain steps, to match the patio so rather than the patio leading to the steps, they'll merge. Just waiting on a price for that.

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