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Lemon tree

I've managed to grow a lemon tree from a pip. (I tried 6 pips, but only got one to grow successfully).  I've just re-potted it into an 8" pot and it's about 8" tall with two stems.  It's been in the north facing, double glazed, conservatory all summer. It gets quite warm through the summer and at this time of year, but we don't go in there in the winter.  There is a heater, but it gets very cold.  Will it be ok to leave the lemon in the conservatory over the winter or should I put it somewhere warmer?  I have a utility room which is not as cold as the conservatory, but is light and bright.  I don't want to lose it after all the love and attention I've given it!


  • As its young it's probably best to keep it above 5°C It's frost and long low temperatures that will damage it. The other extreme is too hot over winter, it needs to rest , so centrally heated houses can be too warm/dry.
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