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Geranium advice

I have some hardy geraniums which have got too big.  Can I split them up?  How do I do it and when is the best time to do this now or in Spring?  When split will they grow OK under a forsythia hedge? Many thanks


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    Majority of hardy geraniums can be split although some some precious alpine ones might do better from cuttings.

    You can either split them now or in the spring. If you have heavy clay soil small pieces can rot in wet, sticky ground so I'd either leave it all until spring or pop any smaller pieces into a pot and leave them outside to grow on and plant them out early summer next year.

    If you're dividing into large pieces of root or you have lighter soil they'll be fine placed straight into the ground.

    As to whether they'll grow under a forsythia hedge - that depends on what they are and what the soil is like. Different geraniums have different requirements regarding moisture, light and nutrients.
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