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Magnolia lilyflora hasn't flowered

Hi, we moved into our new house in the winter, and the garden was all overgrown, one of the few plants that was there was this magnolia, its seemed very healthy and has given out lots of new leaves but no flowers this year, is there anything we can do to ensure it flowers, or is it just a waiting game and hope for next year?


  • It's only a baby so I'd expect it to form its first flower buds next autumn which should then bloom the following spring, provided they don't get frosted.  It looks quite healthy, so I'd simply give it a feed of blood, fish and bone next spring (apply as per instructions on packet) and don't let it go short on water.   It looks a bit close to the fence so will be in a bit of a 'rain shadow' and probably some shade.  Once it grows above fence height, it will probably get a growth spurt.
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  • Thats wonderful thank you very much. Fingers crossed for next spring.
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    I'd agree with everything @BobTheGardener has said.  :)
    It's also worth clearing all the weeds etc round the base, and adding a bit of compost or other organic matter round the base, after watering,  which will suppress weeds and generally help the soil structure. That's gives new shrubs and trees a bit of a helping hand too.  It certainly looks nice and healthy though  :)
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