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Removing fruits from Brown Turkey fig. Which ones?

I’ve never grown a fig tree before. I have repotted it into a slightly bigger pot than it came in. There are three stems, and all of them have baby figs on. I know I’m supposed to remove some, but leave some to mature next year, but I can’t work out which ones are which. Any suggestions?


  • Figs aren't good in pots...I think.
    Ours are outside and over the last 2 years have not fruited as before.
    Advice about taking out or not young figs can be against the latest advice.
    What we have done each year hasn't made any difference to the harvest crop apart from the last 2 years.

  • steephillsteephill Posts: 2,838
    Usual advice is to remove all of the figs in autumn except for pea size embryos figs which should grow and ripen next year. Anything bigger which hasn't ripened this year probably won't make it through the winter and the thinking is that the plant will then concentrate its efforts on the embryo figs.
    With a young plant in a pot it may be better to not let it fruit for the first couple of years.
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