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Viburnum beetle on V Opulus roseum

We've got a lovely V Opulus roseum in our front garden. However, the last two years we have seen the leaves been eaten by what I believe to be Viburnum beetle. The leaves have a lacelike appearance. Advice includes tolerating and watching in spring, but it has got much worse this year. Last year it affected maybe a quarter of the tree, now it is more like two thirds. I don't want to use pesticides. Is there any hope for our tree? I have heard of 'winter wash'. Is there a safe biological way to that?


  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 47,145
    If you cut it right back, it often solves the problem. Clear away all infected foliage into the council bin [along with your box  ;) ]  and keep an eye on it.
    Takes a few years to get back to full strength, but it's a good way of doing it without pesticides etc. 
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  • Rob LockwoodRob Lockwood Midlands of EnglandPosts: 321
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    Depending how big it is, find the eggs and cut them out MaSam - they're fairly easy to spot. 
    Fewer / no caterpillars in the spring, and it's the caterpillars which do the damage.  Mine was hardly touched this year having been completely defoliated last year.
  • MaSamMaSam Posts: 14
    Thanks, Rob. The tree is about 2.5 by 2.5m. It says the eggs are left in the bark, is that right? Are they on the smaller branches or? I'd love to find them and cut them out, if that is possible, but haven't spotted them yet, not sure where to look and what to look for. 
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